Prose Magick
by 616 (forthcoming)

Prose Magick

616 (forthcoming)

Da’ath I, Da’ath II, Crowley, Grant, Lovecraft, LaVey, Aquino, The Process

Baphomet by Eliphas Levi

The Sun Beyond The Sun by 616

The Sun Beyond The Sun by 616

The Nu Earth

The Kingdom of Un-Knowing I


The Earth is no longer the centre of the Universe nor even the centre of our solar system. Man is no longer the measure of all things. This psychic decentralization culminated in the return of Magick through the Golden Dawn and the work of Aleister Crowley, its’ rebellious superstar. I see Crowley as a fine focal point for the modern man because he sought to bring about a personal and collective change of consciousness through one’s individual magickal will. He did. Through the rise of paganism, witchcraft, Satanism, chaos magick and white magick, To Mega Therion (Crowley) has influenced the modern mind to seek the truth for itself. Every wo-man is indeed a star.


With the rise of Fascism in Germany, Italy and Japan, we virtually see magickal lodges that became supreme states creating the willessness of the individual and the maximization of collective power for the state. They are states based entirely on fear and are the complete inversion of what a magickal society and individual should be, which is in one word, autonomous. The rise of industrialization also reduced the essence of man to a mere machine to be manipulated by the economics of those ruling. Sartre may indeed be correct that we flee from our own freedom because we cannot accept responsibility for our actions. Even if he is correct, fascism in every form must be repelled as it ultimately reduces us to the reptilian or mechanical state of which we are all a part of, but hopefully not a slave to. Power must be taken from every State and System and returned to every individual being.


Kenneth Grant, a brilliant student of Aleister Crowley, claimed that the use of atomic weapons has rendered a kind of break or hole in the astral wherein a great number of people are now accessing this open window to u.f.o.s and all things anomalous. Observe the fiery mushroom cloud on film and see the demonic, qlippothic faces therein. Observe the cloudy skies above you and observe the monstrous that has seeped into this open crack. The qlippothic (“unbalanced”) world is all around us and reflected in governmental, law enforcement and environmental atrocities. The two sadly destroyed cities were at the hands of abusive phallic power and are ultimately caused by our old f-r-iend fear.


With the death of Crowley in 1947, we saw the first wave of ufology rapidly dawning. From Kenneth Arnold’s flying saucers to the contactees of the 50’s to other secondary and tertiary encounters with aliens, all Spatial hell was breaking loose. The flood of science fiction movies fueled our imagination and the alien (“the Other”), previously of angelic, faeric, gnomic and demonic nomenclature, was on the rise. And rightly so, for magick, which includes the fabulous glyph of the Tree of Life (“Otz Chi’im”), is based on the stars and planets. Heaven is the heavens so to speak and man must eventually go beyond the Plutonic (i.e., leave and/or transcend our solar system), hence the raising and razing of Malkuth (“The Kingdom”) to Da’ath (“Un-Knowing”). Grant even called for a unification of Magick with what he called Ufologicks and I am part of that process. There’s nowhere to go but up, even if the earth is hollow!


With the rise of Malkuth (“the Kingdom”) to Da’ath (“Un-Knowing”), we are beginning to see the rise of crypto-fascist organizations with a greater number of rules and regulations which have a greater control of the individual. Education, health care, churches, big business and politics will see a rise of the right-wing under the influence of Saturn. Simultaneously, the Uranian impulse will give rise to spontaneity and general weirdness to couple and reduce the overall solemn Saturnian mind set(s). Neptune’s influence will see the rise of a secular haze wherein most people will be reduced to sleepwalkers or somnambulists. If you don’t believe this, just check out any subway around the world and watch the sleepers only wake up when something goes wrong. When all is fixed, the near-zombies will instantly return to walking sleep.

A mixture of Chesed and Geburah influences will see the rise of the trans-sexual, the hermaphrodite, the shemale, futanari, the androgyne, the trans-vestite and the gynander. This androgynization of the planet should be a positive influence as gender identification is a real key to one’s self-knowledge and knowledge of others. One tries to beat up the “other” and not oneself. It is also the time or age (“Aion”) of the exaltation of The High Priest-ess in-between the pillars of Jachin and Boaz under the transmutational aspect of the moon. As we can see, the earth is in an entirely new locale with different influences and is now most definitely The Kingdom of Un-Knowing, just below The Crown (“Kether”), Abba (“Chokmah”) and Aima (“Binah”) at the level of The Abyss. All knowing (phenomenology) is ultimately “supported” by unknowing (noumenology) or to put it even more darkly and skeptically, all knowledge is merely organized ignorance. Welcome to Da’ath-Malkuth. It’s a brave Nu world out there.


Let’s face it, once and for all. We are not free. We strive for freedom through our magickal creativity and are indeed blessed by the supreme taste of freedom every now and then, but ultimately, we are not free. Freedom is a dream we must reify or die trying to. Everything that thwarts one’s will is a kind of crypto-fascist attack on the person’s happiness. The greater the act of will and success thereof, the greater the feeling of freedom, and hence, the greater the happiness. The mind sets established by political, religious and business institutions must be examined and understood by the magickal individual. There are also mind sets or group minds of families, friends and social groups of every kind.

The greatest manipulator “behind” all mind sets is the use (or should I say abuse?) of media. As Noam Chomsky clearly stated, “whoever controls the media controls the mind”. The various tentacles (not Qthulhian!) of the media act as secondary channels of “experience” that all people around the world are tapped into to varying degrees. Modern conversations centre around media influence that is just a source of information. Information is unorganized (qlippothic) knowledge, but knowledge is potentially wisdom if used at the right time, in the right place, and with the right people. Today people are walking and talking media machines, spitting out “received” information, confusing it with knowledge and destroying wisdom all at the same time. That is the total destruction of the definition of homo sapiens! The enemy is all that reduces us of the ability to think, reflect, act, feel, intuit, & instinctualize in and for ourselves.

The brain is not a man-made machine; a machine or computer is like the human brain. The body is not a machine; a machine is like the body. We humans love to project and perpetually confuse our primary Consciousness with everything else which is secondary. It seems to be our eternal folly that we seem to forget the hackneyed yet truthful cliché of first things first. By the way, Medea in Homer’s Odyssey was a sorceress who turned all people into swine. A trough of food for thought for us all.


SARS. Bird Flu. COVID-19. Welcome to the new age of disease, dis-ease and yet again, the fear of illness and death (Da’ath). These are accompanied by the overvaluation of the body along with the undervaluing of the spiritual and to a lesser degree, the intellectual. The Cult of the Body is omnipresent and the fear of contagion, paramount. The media is now also under the influence of the physicians, the modern priests of the Cult of the Body. The sheer amount of posters, pamphlets, newspapers, radio infomercials, billboards (you name the media) again, seek to reduce the individual back to that primal state of fear and are doing a perfect machine-like job of it. Are we forever seeking to return to the fearful jungle of our primitive past? Probably so. The threats of the jungle were physical ones whereas the new threats are psychological and much more insidious. Human contact is demonized, just as orgasmic sexuality was in the reign of Christendom, and the individual suffers for it emotionally. The sense of touch is so exalted by the contactees of the 50’s such as George Adamski, that it is the closest aspect to spirit. I agree. Yes, we all must be precautious of these potent viruses, but we must be as careful in our media presentation and hopeful solution to the problem. Remain humane. This is unfortunately much more difficult than it sounds. The closing of all synagogues, churches, mosques, temples and gurudwaras seemed to be all to easily acquiesced to. Again, the Cult of the Body is exalted, the Spirit is debased and the “intellect” now just spits out useless information absorbed through media. Do you still think you are free? WAKE UP.


And so we come to the end of The Nu Earth: The Kingdom of Un-Knowing. For a much more magickal approach, please see Part Two in Sepher Da’ath and The Psychographic Tarot by 616. Part One is a much more, shall we say, secular interpretation, apart from the planetary influences. Since the Earth is now demonized (the Kali Yuga in the east) and simultaneously closer to God (“Kether” in the west) we are living in a chaosmos (no longer the beautifully ordered whole of the kosmos) wherein we better be extremely autonomous for our own self-preservation and subsequent self-development. Timothy Leary and the rebels of the 60’s called for a questioning of all authority. Do it. But in the end, also question your own authority and see where you ultimately stand. Buyer Beware is the apt title for this conclusion, for every individual must indeed watch out for the weasels of the western (& eastern world) who want your money, time and quite possibly the abuse of the energy of your mind. One of Aleister Crowley’s central texts is Magick In Theory and Practice, and the title alone says it all. Practice may prove or disprove the theory and through pragmatism, one can ultimately sculpt out their own magickal path through creativity and experimental trial and error. I’ll leave you with my definition of magick and hope you rehumanize yourself in order to ultimately transcend humanity itself. And that, my dear reader, is no small feat.

The Magickal VIEW:
Magick is The Art of Bringing Life to the Imagination
through The Energy of Will.
Da'ath's Door by 616

The “Secret Door” of Da’ath by 616

Da’ath & the Tree of Life

The Kingdom of Un-knowing


In pondering the Tree of Life (Otz Chi’im: 233), it becomes blazingly obvious that the Fall of which the Qabalists speak must be the fall of Malkuth (the Kingdom) from Da’ath (Un-knowing) to its’ present position. If one folds the Tree of Life at the path between Netzach & Hod, Malkuth overlaps the non-sephira Da’ath. It is the becoming of a sephira & yet not simultaneously. If folded at Tiphareth, Da’ath houses Yesod, the very Foundation of the Tree itself & Malkuth eclipses Kether (the Crown). Indeed. Both the Earth & humanity are directly connected with Da’ath.

Da’ath is the home of the Cthulhu “mythos”, the Asuras (the Elder or Anti-Gods) & the eleven aspects of Rudra. It is the home of the Titans, hence Kenneth Grant’s exaltation of the Typhonian Tradition (what I call the Black Tradition) as well as the Nephilim, the eleven Kings of Edom and all of the Greater Qlippoth. This is easy to say, but all of the forementioned entities perfectly disembody the great Androgynous & inbetween-ness state of Da’ath. It is the conjunction of Chokmah (the Great Father of Wisdom) & Binah (the Great Mother of Understanding). It is the Black Sun or Shadow of Tiphareth and hence, the home of Anti-Christ n-ever coming into Being.

In perusing Dion Fortune’s The Mystical Qabalah, one learns that, “the Tenth Path [the sephira Malkuth] is called the Resplendent Intelligence because it is exalted above every head & sits upon the Throne of Binah. It illumines the splendor of all the Lights, & causes an influence to emanate from the Prince of Countenances [Metatron]” (pg. 165). Her quoting is directly taken from W. Wynn Wescott’s translation of the Sepher Yetzirah (The Book of Formation). Again & again, Malkuth sounds incredibly like Da’ath in this description and can easily be considered as the risen Kingdom of Un-knowing, returned to Da’ath once more. Some more titles of the Tenth Path or Eleventh Sephira (Malkuth) are: The Gate of Death, The Gate of the Shadow of Death & The Gate of the Daughter of the Mighty Ones. Indeed. The Tenth Path called Malkuth is in fact the Eleventh non-sephira Da’ath. It is the exaltation of the Daughter (Da’ath) above the Son (Tiphareth).

Da’ath is the home of all anomalous entities, be they ghosts or poltergeists, strange lights seen in the sky (U.F.O.s), shadow beings or djinn. You name the oddity and it’s there. It is the housing of all things monstrous; mal-formed, ill-formed or semi-formed. In a word, un-forming. It is the Imagination itself gone wild. It is the Surrealists’ hellish paradise, transforming all earthly things into the Supra-natural or surreal. It is interesting to note that most, if not all, of the Surrealists were atheists, denying the existence of the Supernals “above” them, while simultaneously revelling in the phantasmagorical & perpetually altercating nature of Da’ath. Strange indeed.

Da’ath has been called both the Crimson Desert & the Mauve Zone by Kenneth Grant & the Sea of Astral Fire as well as the Kingdom of Un-knowing by 616. “Un-knowing” because of its’ birthing of forever new & unnamed monstrosities. I think the Kingdom of Un-knowing is its’ best appellation.

As Kether is the home of the Great White Brotherhood, although Dion Fortune posits it at Tiphareth (?), the Great Black Brotherhood as I have intuited “in here”, not “out there”, forms a reclining black crescent at the Ajna Chakra (or Third Eye) of Adam Kadmon (the primordial Wo-man). For us, it is the crescent-like veil of thick darkness (Ain Soph Aour Chashak: “T-here is no end to the Dark Light”; the fourth & final veil of Positive Negating) that bridges Kether to & from the rest of The Tree of Life. The Black Masters do not merge into Kether whereas the Great White Brotherhood do. My revised Black Master Manifest-O contains a great deal of information about The VV that I will not reiterate here.

Da’ath also consists of the exalting & debasing of the Female. She is the living gateway to the Qlipphotic (“harlot”) & womens’ rights need to be equal with mens’ across the board. The abuse of women on earth (Malkuth) must be obliterated as the final heh (“daughter”) is now before the vav (“son”) on the Tree itself. Hence an exalting and debasing simultaneously, since Da’ath is dangerous indeed.

Sophia (“Wisdom”), in this case a conjunction of Wisdom & Understanding (Chokmah & Binah), is exiled by the highest god in Gnosticism (Da’ath: Gnosis). She has risen. Shakhina, the wife &/or bride of YHVH, was shunned and is now returned before her Lord. Similar to Sophia & Shakhina, one recalls the Fall of Lucifer, from Lucifer to Satan & now risen to Da’ath again. Lucifer as Venus is another obvious correspondence, hence Luxifer(a), which contains the formula of the Divine Androgyne as well as the mystery of AntiChrist (alpha & omega).

In the east the Vissudha chakra, at the throat level of Kundalini, bears the image of Ardhanarisvara, the androgyne par excellence & is also connected with Da’ath, the grand non-sephera, the sacred in-between, the protean Mauve Zone, now home to Malkuth as the Kingdom of Un-knowing. Everything known is shadowed by an unknown aspect of the Tri-Unmanifest (the Three Veils of Positive Negating) which support-s & manifest-s the ten sephiroth, with Kether as its all important point or “door” into Being-ness.

The last word about Da’ath is that one must cross the Abyss eventually. To linger there too long is to invoke total madness at best, &/or endure aions of hells at worst. Both black & white magickians will either be pleasantly surprised or totally shocked (or both) upon the realization that Kether (Metatron) is the Source of both the Great White Lodge & the Great Black Brotherhood (The VV).

Aleister Crowley

The Magickian’s Magickian

What can I possibly say, that hasn’t been said before, about Aleister Crowley, “the wickedest man in the world?” This poet-prophet-mountaineer-addict-bisexual-madman-genius was the magickian par excellence of the twentieth century whose work cannot be avoided by magickians of this century. His four works that I consider to be absolutely essential are: The Holy Books of Thelema (which includes The Book of the Law), Magick in Theory and Practice, The Book of Thoth and The Vision and the Voice respectively. No one before him had assimilated the various magickal techniques of both east and west, apart from the Golden Dawn, his alma mater, into a coherent and practical magickal path. Eliphas Levi and Madame Blavatsky before him were much more theoretical than theopractical.

Was Crowley a black magickian? Absolutely. Was Crowley of the right hand path? Absolutely. He clearly worked with both the light and dark aspects of many traditions and considered the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy (or Un-holy) Guardian Angel and the Crossing of the Abyss as the two supreme acts of Magick. This is a commendable, highly respectable and balanced approach to modern magick. From the Demon Crowley to Ipsissimus, Crowley sought to exhaust every aspect of experience and it seems that he accomplished this quite nicely.

In Magick Without Tears, he states that the goal of magick is to connect with other-worldly or supranatural entities, such as Aiwaz or Lam, to further illuminate the human experience. This contact may come through either magickal rituals or dreams and without it, the magickian is merely role-playing. The fake it ‘til you make it approach is adequate until the Vision of, and then the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is experienced. Aleister Crowley, To Mega Therion, was indeed a Black Master and should be studied intently, without the magickian being absorbed into blind devotion or egotistically avoiding The Beast’s Great Work.

Kenneth Grant

& The Typhonian Tradition

On learning of the passing of Kenneth Grant, I can only state that I felt it or knew it somehow. Having re-read his Typhonian Trilogies upon a third time (yes, all nine), his presence, or should I say, his divine absence, will be missed. I have met a number of occultists throughout my magickal career and I have been thoroughly unimpressed with their tight-lipped, non-sharing attitudes. Mr. Grant wrote me back about my enquiries into the androgyne as mentioned in the Wisdom of S’lba (Outer Gateways) and even saw my short experimental film typhOnia which he and Mr. Staley didn’t particularly like because of its discordant soundtrack. No matter. The point is contact and revealing what should be revealed without breaking one’s oaths. This is the key to creative occultism. His trilogies have influenced my work profoundly and even inspire my dream work directly every time I re-read his books. Nema said it distinctly, “Kenneth Grant’s books are not about magick, they are magick.” His writing circles and soars, somewhat akin to Nietzsche’s style, then dives like a black hawk into another profound insight. For every serious creative occultist, I strongly recommend immersing oneself in all of the trilogies in order. At times, he hints and suggests ideas that I have personally fleshed out in my work almost as a call and response effect. Or, what he doesn’t write or leaves out, I try to answer. My final tip of the hat to this Black Master is my dedication to him in my booklet, Liber Nosferatu: The Book of the Un-dead and my co-dedication to him and Crowley in The Black Book of Shaitan: Nu Revelation. The Typhonian Tradition, like the old man himself, can never die, and I mean that quite literally.

H. P. Lovecraft

Secret Prophet of the Nu Aion

Carrying on from Kenneth Grant’s praise of Abdul Al-Hazred (Lovecraft’s magickal moniker) in his Typhonian Trilogies, I gently place Aleister Crowley as the more well-known and accepted prophet of the Nu Aion along side this other more secretive prophet of Da’ath. Yes, Lovecraft denied the reality of his Qthulhu mythos whilst living and, dear reader, wouldn’t you? The sheer amount of crackpots at your front door would make it real easy to deny the authenticity of your work. The truth lies in 616’s term faction, a blending of both fact and fiction. Fiction can easily contain a great amount of truth and fact is “tainted” by subjectivity and therefore, not entirely true. Hence, faction! The fact (!) that Lovecraft worked from deep dreaming as well as being extremely well-read should end this nonsensical battle once and for all. The way he oscillates between real and fictitious texts in his stories illustrates my point exactly. The Necronomicon itself is a wonderful non-book, somewhere in-between fact (being) and fiction (non-being) or shall we state it again, faction! The book is a kind of dis-embodying of the non-sephera Da’ath (“Un-Knowing”) to monstrous perfection.

Dagon, The Colour Out of Space, The Call of Cthulhu, The Silver Key, The Dunwich Horror, The Dreams in the Witch-House, From Beyond, At the Mountains of Madness, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath are the 11 primary magickal texts of Lovecraft but, dear reader, read everything! When I’ve saturated myself in either Lovecraft’s or Grant’s texts, my dreams come alive and become exceedingly deeper and once strange black eel-like entities were darting all over and through my apartment.
I know you are quick to judge what is real from what is not but, dear reader, please remember faction. Or, to put it more bluntly, fuck your psychic censor! No other writers aeffect me as much as these two, not even Crowley.

When I was in my third painting phase, I started to see radiant colours (or kalas) beyond the “normal” spectrum in my dreams. On canvas, I frantically tried to capture these kalas and sometimes could when I transformed the finished paintings into what I call psychographs. I have expanded the concept into both x-ographs and theographs, but the source of the idea was Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space; not as destruction, but as an alion [my spelling] expansion of consciousness.

The Call of Cthulhu has influenced a psychograph called Becoming Qthulhu, a sex-magickal painting of The High Priest of The Great Old Ones (!), At One with Qthulhu (yet another painting), The Melanomicon by 616 (forth-coming) and in my Ufologicks (also forth-coming) book, as requested by Frater Aossic (Kenneth Grant) himself. It seems that the living crystal elliptical tablet that Aossic gave to me in a dream is in faction, the Eye of Qthulhu! See the last word or two of Lovecraft’s text.

To ultimately praise this black master known as Abdul Al-Hazred, read his magickal tales and please dear reader: remember, record and work with your dreams. You will find that some of them may even be from beyond.

The Pan-Satanic Movement

In Praise of Anton Szandor LaVey

Much has been written in praise and damnation of the founder of the Church of Satan and its’ various offshoots. This is indeed in praise of the author of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals in particular. LaVey was no genius, but an incredible synthesizer and virtual founder of The Left Hand Path (The Black Tradition) in the west in 1966. His Satanic Bible does indeed challenge the occultist who simply cannot manifest, create or reveal the great secrets that these creatures are privy. His no bullshit approach, besides influencing my No Bullshit Policy, becomes a veritable Occam’s razor when approaching other occult texts. The Satanic Rituals enlightens the reader, especially the Pilgrims of the Age of Fire section, of the Yezidis, a topic not discussed again until the 1990’s by Kenneth Grant in Outer Gateways. Both Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant were greater magicians than LaVey, and much can be gleaned from the texts of these two other masters of magick. Ideas such as the Black Flame, the Law of Nine, the trapezoid and what may be called his aionic word of Indulgence, have clearly influenced myself as well as countless other magickians over the last fifty years. In other words, LaVey is indeed a Black Master of The Left Hand Path.

The Legacy

The Luxifer(a) Research Group, established in 1993, the fourth of the first nine year cycles, clearly continues the Great Work established by LaVey. My only criticism of him and the legacy of his modern day church, is their alignment with atheism. If one reads LaVey’s works carefully, one finds him walking a fine line between Satan as a mere symbol and Satan as a conscious reality. In Lords of the Left Hand Path, S. Edred Flowers distinguishes between Immanent and Transcendent Satanism and declares that for LaVey, Satan is the dark force in nature whereas Set or Satan is an independent, transcendent entity for Michael A. Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set in 1975. This clarification helps to unify the various sects of Satanism, Setanism and Luciferianism. My Luciferian work itself is a synthesis of the magic of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Anton Szandor LaVey and Michael A. Aquino respectively. The eternal bickering, unholier than thou attitudes and infighting amongst the various groups will only lead to a laughable implosion. As Outer Head of The LRG, I call for a unification of The Left Hand Path (Kala Vama Marga); in all of its’ myriad facets, to form what may be aptly called The Pan-Satanic Movement. In the words of Shaitan,

“It is my desire that all my followers
shall unite in a bond of unity.”

Dr. Michael A. Aquino

In the Secret Service of Set

A lot of magickians tend to slag their predecessors, probably as an embodying of Harold Bloom’s idea of the anxiety of influence, but I tend to praise those who need to be praised. Such is the case in point with Dr. Michael A. Aquino, the founder of The Temple of Set in 1975. I certainly do not want to revel in the personality clash between him and Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder of The Church of Satan in 1966, but I see a similarity between Carl G. Jung’s breaking away from Sigmund Freud, who had been his mentor, and the two magickians in question. Jung had to establish his own ideas apart from Freud’s emphasis on materialism and so did Aquino, who had to break away from his diabolical “father’s” stress on the physical. Aquino’s Lockean duality of the external world and psychecentric reality is a superb insight that modern magickians can relish in. I call it the magickian’s sphere of influence.

His Diabolicon is wonderful as a modern piece of magickal literature and acts as an inversion of John Milton’s justifying of God’s ways to Man in Paradise Lost. His received texts are hard to come by as some are reserved strictly for members of his organization but they are well worth subsequent repeated readings if found. His Satanic Bible, (couldn’t he have changed the title to The Setanic or Setian Bible?) is also necessary reading for the black magickian. All in all, Aquino is definitely a black master who has greatly influenced other occult writers such as S. Edred Flowers, Don Webb and 616, although hir work as Outer Head of The Luxifer-a Research Group, established in 1993 at the beginning of LaVey’s fourth cycle of the law of 9, is not affiliated with The Temple of Set.

The Process:
Church of the Final Judgement

A Nu Analysis by 616

A Very Brief History

The Process, also known as The Church of The Final Judgement lasted roughly ten years between 1964 and 1974 respectively. Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston were the founders who took some of the ideas they found in Scientology and began to mix these ideas with rather gnostic Christian ones. I am only interested in their ideas and magazines; I am clearly not interested in child neglect, the exaltation of german shepherds or alsatians, and later cult leader lusts for power and money. In the 1990s, there was a brief resurgence of The Process’ ideas through Genesis P. Orridge, Skinny Puppy and other industrial bands. It seems there is something there they tapped into that cannot or isn’t supposed to die. It isn’t the cultivation of DeGrimston as the new Messiah either, nor any precise prophecies of the end of the world. If I’m not mistaken, he now denies any connection with his 60’s hippy activities.

The Cool Stuff

What excellent images and writings they released through their colourful magazines. Wow! I won’t comment on their proselytization, but I will say that I love the robes, their scowls, the cross and the Goat of Mendes (the head of Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet – and what a powerful glyph that is!) that bedecked them.

The Best Stuff

We must examine the best and only really redeemable ideas. There are three personality archetypes (Jehovah, Lucifer and Satan) and a gray quagmire of the average, the boring, the status quo, the dullards of mediocrity in our society. With DeGrimston as the Messiah, we find the quaternity of which Carl G. Jung argues for. If we obviously remove “D” as Christ, we find the theologically sound quaternity of which Jung and Nicholas of Cusa in the Renaissance discuss both theologically and psychologically. On Pierre Burton’s talk show in the late 60’s or early 70’s, Brother Malachi of the Process clearly stated that The Process’ aim was ultimately a reconciliation of opposites; a noble goal indeed for Nicholas of Cusa, Carl G. Jung, The Process and this present writer.

The Gold is in the Mire.

Yahoshuah (Jesus) is clearly linked with His Father YHVH (Jehovah) as His only son, although I think the idea should be open to the Sons and Daughters of God, as opposed to a mere monopoly. No matter. Lucifer is the unfallen state of Satan. Brother Malachi of The Process translated “love thine enemy as thyself” as kindling a love for Satan directly. In other words, if one loves the “irredeemable”, one helps to transmute Satan back into Lucifer, the greatest of God’s angels at one point. Origen, the early 4th century Christian church father and the Neo-Platonists of the 17th century were enraptured with this magnificent idea, technically called apokatastasis (those not-so-crazy gnostic hippies after all!). This prefigures the work of The Luxifer-a Research Group and synchronistically (The Process’ foundation) aligns with the year of my birth. Indeed.

The Tough Stuff

Many early church fathers referred to Christ as Lucifer and Christ Himself declared that He is the bright and morning star (Venus: Lucifer) in the Book of Revelation. “Both” are light-bringers and I think are easily connected with Tiphareth on The Tree of Life. YHVH brilliantly guides Moses and his people as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day and can easily be considered as a light-bringer as well. Satan is originally a tester or prosecutor for YHVH in The Book of Job and His true name is the reverse of Jehovah, namely HVHY. Try and pronounce both. Satan is identified with the serpent on the tree of knowlege in the Book of Genesis and Messiah or Christ is identified with the serpent on the cross (both 358 by gematria). YHVH is adversarial to both His chosen people of God and their enemies at various times in the Old Testament. Satan tests Yahoshuah repeatedly in the desert and seems to act as His very Shadow. The Hebrew letter shin in His name represents fire, the fire of Satan or Shaitan to be precise (YH-Sh-VH). In the final book of the Bible, Yahoshuah states that he knows where Satan’s seat is and thus has personal, intimate knowledge of His own opposite (the Antichrist), in much the same way as The Buddha has with his tempter, Mara. Yahoshuah is also adversarial to His quagmire society and states that He comes not to bring peace, but a sword and overturns temple money tables which he knows are there on the Sabbath (a common practice at the time). Thus these four are quite easily, yet soundly, linked.

The Future

Since these four have been found to be intimately connected, we can double the quaternity by re-introducing Maria (Robert’s gnostic wife?) as the consort or shakti of Yahoshuah and Shakhina (my spelling – A. E. Waite considers Her to be the key to the Qabalah whereas I think it is Metatron – anyway, there is a clear connection between the “two”). Lucifer and Satan are androgynized as Luxifer-a and Satan-a (Gregor A. Gregorius’ influence) according to the teachings of The Luxifer-a Research Group and complete a “new” ogdoad that fully fleshes out the extremely rough work of what Kenneth Grant called, “the silliness of the sixties”. However, and this is a big however, one can recall and mix the old Biblical maxim; “out of the mouths of [hippy] babes….” Thanks Robert and Mary Ann!

Ave Luxifer-a,