Lucifer(a) Research Group


RadiatING Ever-outwards

The Sphere of
The Divine Androgyne

RadiatING Ever-outwards

The Sphere of
The Dragon’s Eye

LUCIFER is a Latin name which means “Light-Bringer.” It is also the name of Venus, the Morning and Evening Star. Lucifer is also the Sun God, the eternal consort of the Moon Goddess Diana. The LRG calls the Goddess Lucifera. The conjunction of the God and Goddess is called the God(dess) or Luxifer(a)
(The Divine Androgyne). In other words, (t)here is one energy (Shakti) with two poles (The Double-Wanded One) and an infinite number of possibilities.

ING, the “word” of the Aion of Luxifer(a), differs from the aeonic words of Aleister Crowley (Thelema: “Will”), Charles Stansfeld Jones (Ma’at: “Justice”) and Nema (Ipsos: “By The Same Mouth”) because ING is an all-inclusive utterance (not even a word unto itself, only acquiring meaning through associating) which does not negate any of the forementioned terms (i.e. willing, establishing justice, speaking). These three are equally brilliant in their own way and in relationship to one another. ING is simply the kiss that brings them all to life.

AION is a Greek word which means “life,” “age,” and “world.” Thus one is living, aging, and becoming in the world, which in turn, is living, aging, and becoming as a whole. This union of the dual Microchaosmos (i.e. Mind-Body, Male-Female, God-Devil, Light-Darkness) and the Macrochaosmos is best represented by the Daimonic or Aionic Star , the central symbol of the Luxifer(a) Research Group. It illustrates the reconciling of all opposites and is also called the X-agram, Aionicon or the Diamond of Dialectic.

EVOLOVE is the Aionic Word of 616, The Outer Head of The LRG. It is Eternal Self-Love ever recoiling back unto Itself, yet ready to strike at any time. Evolove is also the evolving of Androgynous Love and can be considered as both a Divine Fiat and a compression of “Love under Will”. Its number is 222, the “fresh fever from the skies” (Liber AL III.34) as promised by AIVAS, Aleister Crowley’s Un-holy Guardian Angel.

ANDROGYNEUS has been received by 616 as yet another Aionic Word, in perfect conjunction with Evolove. The eleven-lettered utterance of Androgyneus, akin to Aleister Crowley’s Abrahadabra, combines: the Androgyne, the Genius, the Dragon and God (Deus). Thus, Androgyneus is the Man-Woman-Genius-Dragon-God. Its full significance has yet to be revealed.

The Four Veils of Positive NegatING:


“(T)here is (Not)”


“(T)here is (Not) an End”


“(T)here is (Not) an End to the Light”


“(T)here is (Not) an End to the Dark Light”

The Middle Pillar of The Lucifer Research Group (233):


The Inner Head of The LRG


The Outer Head of The LRG

The Simultaneous Ophis of The Beast-s

The Knight-s of The Aionic Star

The Priest-esse-s of The Divine Androgyne