Volume 1 Fall ’93: “The Sun At Midnight”, Levi, The Cube of Space, Jung, Blake

Volume 2 Winter ’93: Androgynian Psalms, Origins, Suggested Research & Readings

Volume 3 Spring ’94: Portraits of Magickians, Dionysos, Aradia, “The Sacrament”

Volume 4 Summer ’94: Liber Oz, Liber Boomerang, Swan Black, Yezidi Scripture

Volume 5 Fall ’94: “The Cup of Destiny”, Steiner, Carducci, Agarthi & Schamballah

Volume 6 Winter ’94: The Brotherhood of Saturn, Steiner’s Sculpture, Baudelaire, Lyons

Volume 7 Spring ’95: Shiva, Yezidis, Hymn to Pan, The Koran, Hindu Gods & Goddesses

Volume 8 Summer ’95: Ardhanarisvara, Wei Wu Wei, Hermaphroditus, Shiva & Set

Volume 9 Fall ’95: Rebis, Baphomet, Draconian Images,
Plato’s “The Symposium”

Volume 10 Winter ’95: Blavatsky’s
“The Secret Doctrine”

Volume 11 Spring ’96: Runic Analysis of The Aionic Star, Lilith, Cyberspace, Aion

Volume 12 Summer ’96: Eliade’s “Mephistopheles & The Androgyne”

Volume 13 Fall ’96: Liber Nosferatu, “Morning Star”, The Alchemical Hermaphrodite

Volume 14 Winter ’96: Horus & Set

Volume 15 Spring ’97: Ardhanarisvara, Nema’s “Liber Pennae Praenumbra”, N’Aton

Volume 16 Summer ’97: Grant’s “Wisdom of S’lba”, Images of The Androgyne

Volume 17 Fall ’97: Massey’s “The Natural Genesis”, Androgyne Images

Volume 18 Winter ’97: Kali

Volume 19 Spring ’98: The Vampyre(ss)

Volume 20 Summer ’98: Angel(s) & Angle(s)

Volume 21 Fall ’98: The Divine Androgyne in the East

Volume 22 Winter ’98: The Dark Side

Volume 23 Spring ’99: The Hindu Androgyne

Volume 24 Summer ’99: Androgynian Eclectica (93-99)

Volume 25 Fall ’99: Rudra

from The Collected Works of C.G. Jung:

“If the name Lucifer were not prejudicial, it would be a suitable one for this archetype [the Self].”

(vol. 9 i p. 567)

“It is also worth noting that Lucifer, the Morning Star, means Christ as well as the devil.”

(vol. 9 ii p. 192)

“Therefore Lucifer was perhaps the one who best understood the divine will struggling to create a world and who carried out that will most faithfully. For, by rebelling against God, he became the active principle of a creation which opposed to God a counter-will of its own.”

(vol. 11 p. 290)

“The growing darkness reaches its greatest intensity on the day of Venus (Friday) and changes into Lucifer on Saturday.”

(vol. 13 p. 301)

“...the inner voice is a “Lucifer” in the strictest sense of the word, and it faces people with ultimate moral decisions without which they can never achieve full consciousness and become personalities.”

(vol. 17 p. 319)

“With him God does not only contain love, but, on the other side and in the same measure, the fire of wrath, in which Lucifer himself dwells.”

(vol. 18 p. 1654)

from The Key of The Mysteries by Eliphas Levi:

“The angel of liberty was born before the dawn of the first day, before even the awakening of intelligence, and God called him the morning star.

O Lucifer! Voluntarily and disdainfully thou didst detach thyself from the heaven where the sun drowned thee in his splendour, to plow with thine own rays the unworked fields of night!

Thou shinest when the sun sets, and thy sparkling gaze precedes the daybreak!

Thou fallest to rise again; thou tastest of death to understand life better!

For the ancient glories of the world, thou art the evening star; for truth renascent, the lovely star of dawn.

Liberty is not licence, for licence is tyranny.

Liberty is the guardian of duty, because it reclaims right.

Lucifer, for whom the dark ages have made the genius of evil, will be truly the angel of light when, having conquered liberty, at the price of infamy, he will make use of it to submit himself to eternal order, inaugurating thus the glories of voluntary obedience.” (p. 28)

from Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi:

“To some extent indifferent in itself [the astral light], it lends itself to good as to evil; it transmutes light and propagates darkness; it may be called equally Lucifer and Lucifuge; it is a serpent but it is also an aureole....” (p. 75)

from Outer Gateways by Kenneth Grant:

129 28. Self implies Not-Self; Man implies Not-Man. Not-Man appears as Woman, as male implies female. Sex embraces these concepts; all as Zos has shown.

130 29. Androgyne is concept perfect, obtaining wholeness in all states because it resolves the illusion of duality.

131 30. But the androgyne in S’lba-zone is Not-Perfect and implies the Not-Man as the Shadow from Outside. Woman embraces it, thus is she the Gateway. (p. 176)

143 42. No woman is needed for this attainment if Woman is understood.

“The androgyne contains the complete formula for manifesting “monsters”, and for enabling those from the Outside to infiltrate the terrestrial atmosphere.”
(p. 207)

“...the formula of the androgyne; neither one nor the other.” (p. 209)

“16 is the number of the mystical kalas in the androgyne.” (p. 221)

“When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female.... then you will enter [the Kingdom]”

~ from The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

“Lucifer is the Star of the Morning and not only the fallen Great Angel Lucifer, but also the brother of Christ”

~ Gregor A. Gregorius

“A great mind must be androgynous”

~ S. T. Coleridge

“One who has a man’s wings and a woman’s also is in himself a womb of the world and, being a womb of the world, continuously, endlessly, gives birth”

~ Tao Te Ching

“It is only when you will not distinguish between man and woman, the fountain of divine love will dawn in your heart”

~ Sri Caitanya