O. The NU Surrealist must fully play with & Wisely Understand both light & shadow (Darkness).

I. The NU Surrealist must subvert the norm in any & every way conceivable.

II. The NU Surrealist must reify the dream.

III. The NU Surrealist is the Adversary of mundane awareness.

IV. The NU Surrealist must find the Marvellous in the mundane.

V. The NU Surrealist, using the electronic eye, must capture & therefore kill its artistic image-prey.

VI. The NU Surrealist seeks out strange & hideous Beauty.

VII. The NU Surrealist makes the real sur.

VIII. The NU Surrealist binds beautiful chaos to find its secret order.

IX. The NU Surrealist thus posits a NU reality.

X. The NU Surrealist, through the ever-hungry eye, devours its image-meal.

XI. The NU Surrealist adores the automaton & mannequin in order to bring them to life

(modern Pygmalions of art & magickal photography).

XII. The NU Surrealist makes the canny UN.

subvert, revert, pervert, distort, abort, contort – revere!

XIII. The NU Surrealist is the UN-dead alchemical alembic; trans-forming hu-man into Nu-man into NOT.

XIV. The NU Surrealist perceives & captures both sky & trees as ingresses or portals of NOT.

XV. The NU Surrealist is fascinated with the androgynous & hermaphroditic

(unabashedly bold desire of the NU sexuality).

Anything goes if all legal parties agree.

XVI. The NU Surrealist is unintimidated by the objectification of hirself.

XVII. The NU Surrealist trans-forms religion into art & art into religion.

XVIII. The NU Surrealist is both syncretic & synthesistic.

XIX. The NU Surrealist is a secret purveyor of natural & man-made landscapes.

XX. The NU Surrealist makes the dream real; the natural both super & UN.

XXI. The NU Surrealist is the Daathly bridge between manifesting & NOT.


The Great Trans-Parent Ones

t-here are In-visible Ones amongst us
Glorious Monstrous Ones amongst us
Breeders of sacred synchronicities
Granters of royal freedom
for you; for me
on sex & fear & chance They feed
we are definitely not alone;
They’re here
seen through Ingresses
that are scattered amongst us
through mirrors & sky
angles & trees
They’re seen
through peripheral vision
as the eyes of an oceaning whale
unbeknownst of Their Presence
directly in front of thee
Their Secret Majesty
Their Marvellous Absence
screams eternally
Time moves ever-so differently
Space fractures ever-so fluidly
for Them
we are definitely not alone
They’re here
before, during & after Man
as Beast, Wisely Understand
They’re here
They’re here
They’re here

The NU Surrealists: Scott Martin, Sean Murphy, Fred Taylor