the point is not the point 
the point is in the point ING 

the point is the not-point 
the (not-) point is in the (not-) point ING 

ING: In the Name(s) of the God(dess) 

languag ING is an amaz ING webb ING of noth ING 

noth ING is everyone's cup of tea 

silence is the collective non-stopp ING scream of everyth ING 

imaGINe read ING a book that is writ ING you 

dis-solv ING authority into the touchstream ING of learn ING 

i am the stone that is reject ING the builders 

noth ING can be repeated 
noth ING can be repeated 

you are the once born 
you may well be the twice born 
become the thrice born phoenix of eternal (re)birth ING 

seek, find and refine: 
(t)here are no seekers 
only seek ING 
(t)here is no find 
only find ING 
(t)here is no refined 
only refin ING 

the orgasm ING of think ING 

creat ING is the highest form of destroy ING 

i am not do ING anyone any favours by introduc ING them to think ING 
since ING is both a curs ING and a bless ING 

justify ING pride: 
reflectively estimat ING the worth of one's INsiGhts and projects 

attack ING elitism: 
dis-solv ING the “us and them” mentality 

what is form? 
(t)here is only form ING 

ING is the consummat ING of yIN and yaNG 

do your own ING 

know ING that you are winn ING and los ING 
it's how you are play ING the game 

ING is the most dangerous idea 
because it is completely harmless 

what is ING? 
what isn't ING 

rant ING and rav ING against ING 
is to be in complete agreement with ING 

ING is the shatter ING of the (de)finite 

becom(e) ING 

to be (un)holy is to be in a perpetually (re)new ING state 

my task is to blur the lines of demarcation without eras ING them 

embody ING woman 
embody ING man 
embody ING (un)holy child, saviour and wise old (wo)man 

know the liv ING breath ING stone 
the stone within the stone within.... 
the perpetually (un)fold ING stone 
danc ING with bristl ING energy 

noth ING is true or false 
all is faction 
what is faction? 
the touchstream ING of fact and fiction 

perceiv ING is a constant stream of epiphanies that vary in intensity 

what are you seek ING? 
a quest for quest's sake 

let(t) ING be 

the dragon hordes INsiGhts 
the child freely (dis)seminates what (s)he knows 

the (a)gnostic has religious experiences 
without prescrib ING them as laws for one's self or others 

GeNIus shimmer ING millipede legs 

to be organiz ING is divine 
an organization shuns the spirit 

(t)here is a central liv ING temple of the lrg 
it is called your body 

all lose when liv ING is seen as a competition 

everyth ING is its own opposite 

ING lish 

chaorma: a boomer ING of caus ING - effect ING 

liv ING is dy ING 

this is less than what i am becom ING 

everyth ING was true 

show me an end 
not bend ING into a means again 

substance styliz ING 

everyth ING is a mirror ING of the self 

every th ING is both phallic and vaginal